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Date Topic Readings
Week 1
Sep 25 Class Welcome and Intro: Interaction
Sep 26

Class Application due at 11:59pm

Sep 27 Intro: Social + Crowd Computing —What is (And Isn't) HCI Research

Discussants: Michelle Lam and Junwon Park

Sep 28

Project Ideas Brainstorm (Round One)

Week 2
Oct 2 Intro: Design
Round One Feedback

Discussants: Jackie Yang

Oct 4 Interaction: User Interface Technology

Discussants: Po Tsui

Oct 5

Project Ideas Brainstorm (Round Two)

Week 3
Oct 9 Interaction: Ubicomp

Discussants: Catherine Xu

Oct 11 Social: Social Computing

Discussants: Tiffany Hsu

Oct 12

Project Abstract

Week 4
Oct 16 Michael at UIST (Pablo Paredes leading)

Discussants: Hilary Sun

Oct 18 Social - Crowdsourcing

Discussants: Radha Jain

Oct 19

Project Abstract Revision

Week 5
Oct 23 Design: Design Process

Discussants: Bryce Tham

Oct 25 Design: Design Tools

Discussants: Elyse Chase

Week 6
Oct 30 AI + HCI

Discussants: Riley DeHaan

Nov 1 Media and creativity

Discussants: Eric Gonzalez

Nov 1

Project Fair (Round One) at end of class

Week 7
Nov 6 Michael at CSCW (Jeff Hancock leading)

Discussants: So Yeon Park

Nov 8 Foundations

Discussants: Minh-An Quinn

Week 8
Nov 13 Accessibility and Access

Discussants: Santiago Gutierrez

Nov 15 Programming

Discussants: Punya Chatterjee

Nov 15

Statistics Tutorial after class 6pm-7pm in Littlefield 103
slides part 1 slides part 2
exercises exercise data exercise solutions (jupyter + rpy2, as ipynb) exercise solutions (jupyter + rpy2, as html) exercise solutions (R, as html)

Thanksgiving Break
Nov 20 No class
Nov 22 No class
Week 9
Nov 27 Collaboration

Discussants: Genevieve Payzer and Jack Gartland

Nov 29 Visualization

Discussants: Gracie Young and Jenny Kim

Nov 29

Project Fair (Round Two) at end of class

Week 10
Critiques of HCI

Discussants: Ana Saavedra, Alejandrina Gonzalez Reyes, Hillary Hermawan and Caillin Campbell

Dec 6

Project Presentation is during class on Thursday, Dec 6th 4:30-5:50pm Littlefield 107

Finals Week
Dec 14

Project Paper is due on 11:59pm Friday, Dec 14th

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