This course is a broad graduate-level introduction to HCI research. We cover seminal work on interactive systems, moving through recent contributions in interaction, social computing, and design.

This is a 4-unit course. For undergraduates or masters students in CS or SymSys, earning an A- or better in CS147 or CS247 is a prerequisite. All graduate and PhD students from other departments are welcome. Graduate students with a unit cap may enroll for 3 units; the workload is the same. Students registered for the class will receive a letter grade — the "credit/no credit" option is not available.

Students in this course are encouraged to attend CS547, the HCI seminar; Fridays 12:50 - 2:05pm.


Topics include ubiquitous computing, social computing, design tools, design methods, programming user interfaces, crowdsourcing, visualization, and creativity tools.

Reading commentaries

We read two papers per class. You will submit paper commentaries by 11:59pm the night before each class, to prepare for our discussion.

Leading a discussion

Once during the quarter, you will co-lead a class discussion on that day's readings. Read all student commentaries before class and integrate them into the discussion. On discussion day, submit your discussion materials instead of your commentary using the online submission system. Grade all student commentaries.


In this course, you and two partners will complete a research project with the goal of submitting it to a top-tier HCI venue.


Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm to 5:50pm
Littlefield 107

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