This course is an advanced survey of HCI research. We cover foundations and frontiers: seminal work on interactive systems, and recent advances. Core topics include interaction, social computing, and design; breadth topics include AI+HCI, media tools, programming tools, and accessibility.

Topics include ubiquitous computing, social computing, design tools+methods, AI+HCI, programming user interfaces, collaboration, and accessibility.

We read two papers per class. You will submit paper commentaries by 11:30am before each class, to prepare for our discussion.

Once during the quarter, you will help us lead the discussion on that lecture's readings. Read all student commentaries before class, create a summary, and prepare a meta-commentary on main themes. Peer assess all student commentaries.

In this course, you and two partners will complete a research project with the goal of submitting it as a poster or late-breaking work to a top-tier HCI venue.

For undergraduates or masters students in CS or SymSys, having taken CS147 or CS247 is a prerequisite. All graduate and PhD students from other departments are welcome. We expect attendance and active participation during lecture and discussion.


Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:30am to 12:30pm PT
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