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Date Topic Readings
Week 1
Sep 26 Intro: Ubiquitous Computing

Discussants: Jane E and Katie Cheng

Sep 28

Class Application due at 11:59pm

Sep 28 Intro: Social + Crowd Computing —What is (And Isn't) HCI Research
Sep 30

Project Ideas Brainstorm (Round One)

Week 2
Oct 3 Intro: Design & Creation
Round One Feedback

Discussants: Ludwig Shubert and Courtney Noh

Oct 5 Social: Social computing

Discussants: Robert Fearon and Veronica Lin

Oct 7

Project Ideas Brainstorm (Round Two)

Week 3
Oct 10 Social: Crowdsourcing

Discussants: Audrey Proulx and Kush Nijhawan

Oct 12 Human Robot Interaction - (Wendy Ju)
(Michael at UIST)

Discussants: Jonathan Leung and Kyle Qian

Oct 14

Project Abstract

Week 4
Oct 17 Research Methods

Discussants: Griffin Dietz and Bradley Reyes

Oct 19 Computational Social Science - (Jeff Hancock)

Discussants: Ian Proulx and Peter Washington

Oct 21

Project Abstract Revision

Please sign up for Project Progress Meetings

Week 5
Oct 24 Ubicomp: Pervasive

Discussants: Emily Xie and Tamara Prstic

Oct 26 Ubicomp: Input

Discussants: Peter Ballmer and Nathalia Scrimshaw

Week 6
Oct 31 Design: Design Process

Discussants: Ashley Westhem and Da Eun Kim

Nov 2 Design: Design Tools

Discussants: Danae Metaxa and William Kim

Nov 2

Project Fair (Round One) at end of class

Week 7
Nov 7 Research Analysis Methods Exercises   (Solutions)
Nov 9 Foundations

Discussants: Ramon Flores, Emily Tang and Gavin Nelson

Week 8
Nov 14 Programming

Discussants: Christina Gilbert and Mathieu Rolfo

Nov 16 Collaboration

Discussants: Dennis Jeong and Lucio Tan

Thanksgiving Break
Nov 21 No class
Nov 23 No class
Week 9
Nov 28 Creativity

Discussants: Musila Munuve and Varis Niwatsakul

Nov 28

Project Fair (Round Two) at end of class

Nov 30 No class
Week 10
Dec 5 Visualization

Discussants: Ranjay Krishna and Stephen Aman

Dec 7 Critiques of HCI

Discussants: Alona King and David Kahn

Finals Week
Dec 15

Project Paper and Talk due Thursday, Dec 15th 3:30-6:30pm CERAS 101

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